Contemplating The Meaning of Change Part 2

Contemplating The Meaning of Change Part 2

Guerrilla Podcasts Contemplating The Meaning of Change Part 2.  Mikey & Me went out & about on the moss in Salford contemplating change for future unknowns?

Mikey on the moss at dawnThrowing our thoughts up in tha air just to see what happens?

Contemplating the meaning of change part 2?

Following on from contemplating the meaning of change part 1 Me & Mikey disappeared last week and got ourselves lost on the moss.

Just Because It’s There and it Sounds Like A Plan …

Throwing random ideas up in the air, wandering whilst wondering where they’ll fall?  Our very own thought shower #growingwiththeflow.

Good, bad or indifferent, it so didn’t matter as we’re off on a new quest into future unknowns, using new open source software, with an acorn of an idea?

Guerrilla Podcasts Contemplating The Meaning of Change Part 2

Like we said, we’re slowly discovering and using more and more open source software as time flies by. With no set agenda really, other than to learn something new, get our heads round what works for us, whilst updating our www’s eventually!

So here’s that list again of the FREE open source software we’ve been using for time in no particular order:

Mikey on the moss

For sure it’s a patience thing and at the end of the day that’s a damn fine idea in our book!  No set agenda, an acorn of an idea, whilst me & me friend get lost.  Keep it simple is the way to go?

Figure out what we want to do by asking the wrong questions, getting lost and see what comes out of our quest at the end of the day.  ‘Tis just a random rambling, contemplating the meaning of change part 2 blog post.

Work in Progress

Home Grown Brew Bench
Midnight Rambler

3 KNGZ – New Tanks In The Hood
Featuring Prentiss Church produced by the Trak Starz (Ferguson Fury Remix)

Having no set plan in place may not sound like the brightest of things to do for some?  Don’t stress the lights are on, if you look on the flip side it means that anything is possible and nothing is off limits.

Mikey looks backMikey travels down our well worn tree lined pathSwitching off and allowing yourself to get lost just because, works wonders for that acorn of an idea.

There’s only tha voices in thy head sayin’ you can’t do this, that or t’other.

Just sayin’ is all you won’t even hear ’em whispering in thy head whilst wandering into the unknown with Mikey.

Do what you do and jump in with both feet, make thy 101+ mistakes and enjoy Just Because …

Sorted & Cheers for Doing What You Do : Never Give Up

Get Lost & Travel Safe

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