Chillin On The Plot With The Boys

Chillin On The Plot With The Boys

A given that we’re chillin’ on the plot with the boys

Thought we’d drop by the allotment with the boys and sort things out in my head with our home grown whatevers.

Watchin the green manure grow, pretending that we know what we’re doing with our recording gadget, which is often so not the case.

Not to worry, that’s not a stress in our heads.

Chillin’ On The Plot With The Boys

We both know that we ain’t in a competition with anyone at all, as we pop into the tunnel on the plot and pick a few tomatoes from the various vines on the grow.

Home Grown Tomatoes

Time to harvest more than a few onions, munch on an apple or two and just maybe leave the pears for a few more weeks before we give them a try.

Onions picked and soon enough we’ll be sowing more green manure.

Home Grown Onions

Sweetcorn on the grow and it won’t be long now, before we start picking more than a few of those in the next couple of weeks or so.

Sweetcorn Growing

Enough Said

Rhubarb Growing

Travel Safe

Just Chillin'

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