Cheshire Cheese Company chat in Manchester

Cheshire Cheese Company chat in Manchester
Guerrilla Podcasts just loves a quest that’s embarked upon with a serious R&D agenda / focus in mind.  One or two o’ thee’ll know that one already?  Add to the mix a chance encounter with three unknown individuals with a story to tell and that’s a recipe for a brand new cast for sure in me humble opinion.

A chance encounter with Le Grande Fromage after a wonder round the city centre and jobs a good ‘un in my book and a Cheshire Cheese Company chat in Manchester is well and truly under way.

An evening chat with le grande fromage and colleagues was somewhat of an unexpected happening for sure.  You know what they say?  You couldn’t make it up or write it down, what happens in life.

So gotta say that a chat wasn’t on me to do list in the morning as I left me castle to meet up in town and maybe shake off the cabin fever that seemed to be setting in!

Cheshire Cheese Company - Award winning cheesesThe three amigos had been on an R&D mission in town sharing the virtues of the Cheshire Cheese Company’s El Gringo cheddar, Cheshire cheeses and no doubt so much more to follow?

During a wine tasting quest for their award winning cheese created by the Cheshire Cheese Company in Macclesfield.

A match made in heaven is wine and cheese so I’m told, as tha quest will continue well into the future for that there perfect match!

Have a listen below to a casual encounter with the three chaps just before they make their way onwards, upwards and away into the Manchester night:

Adrian at Guerrilla Podcasts Cheshire Cheese Company chat in Manchester

Cheshire Cheese Company ProductsThe best Cheddars and the best Cheshire cheeses that you’ll ever taste and that’s a fact from those in tha know.

The Cheshire Cheese Company is based in Macclesfield and they tell me they’re an international and world award winning cheese maker.

Cheese and wine’s a match made in heaven we heard ’em say and you can find out for yourself at the Christmas markets in Manchester from the 14th November 2014.

The Cheshire Cheese Company will have two stalls, one in King Street and one behind Selfridges as well as a shop in the Trafford Centre, Trentham Gardens and one opening soon in the Pottery Centre in stoke.

So why not do what you do and maybe pay ’em a visit to try out the cheeses they produce for thyself.

Plum – You

Seems like we’ve got more than a few new tastes to discover over the coming months and Chill, Lime & Tequila Cheddar so sounds like a plan for sure.

Check out the Cheshire Cheese Company alchemists for thyself, 13 different flavours and 13 different blends all available at

Cheshire Cheese Company Products

Many thanks to Richard, Dave & Dave for their time during the impromptu Guerrilla Podcasts Cheshire Cheese Company chat in Manchester.

All the best with thy future R&D’s and cheese alchemies wherever they may take thee.

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