Chat With British Intervention

Chat With British Intervention

Like we do and as always out of the blue, we had a chat with British Intervention in town.

Chillin, waiting to move on to see a gig across the road at the Academy.

British Intervention

No plans at all were set in stone in me head.

Well just the one, if the truth be known. Have a beer or three, like we used to, on a random Friday night in town, years back whenever.

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Chat With British Intervention

Whilst waitin to watch Liines support Sleaford Mods at the Academy.

Bumped into Aidan & Tommy who we’re kind enough to share a little more information about there new company, British Intervention.

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Always good to hear new performance artists doin’ what they do, with masses of self belief and a positive thought process ’bout future unknowns.

Memo To Self : Random Memory Bump Links

Sorted & Cheers to both Aiden Ross and Tommy Pullen for taking time out to have a chat with a random stranger. Nice One.

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