Celebrating Eureka Moment

Celebrating Eureka Moment

Out and about with Mikey Celebrating Eureka Moment!

Watching a grey squirrel play and do a runner in front of us, jumping all over the place as they do.  Up and down trees, paths, you know how it goes, keeping the two of us entertained for a while.  Me and my compatriot in crime are off on another random ramblings together for no other reason than just because …

Chattin’ broken biscuits with ourselves, because we can, whilst chuffed to bits in me head that a new penny dropped after time.

Stop, sit and wait is a given with Mikey as we wander the Salford streets and cross the roads on our journey to the butchers in an industrial estate up the way and not so far to go.

No camera, just our trusty voice recorder that we’ve had for time, buzzin’ as we go, because we’ve taken one more step further up that self learning curve to future unknowns?

Guerrilla Podcasts Celebrating Eureka Moment

Visiting the royal meat factory outlet, celebrating eureka moment in our heads.  Self sufficiency in Salford is on the way, as we think it’s a beltin’ idea to have a go at growing mushrooms in the attic to go with the kale, black cherry tomatoes and broccoli we’ve just sown as a test?

For sure there’s work in progress on sorting out a few treats for me little friend and breakfast, dinner and tea will be happening somewhere along the line for not so little me, for days to come.

Gadgets we’re getting our heads round, hopefully using more and more in the coming months:

  • Mixer
  • Voice Recorder
  • Microphones
  • More second hand kit to follow …

Travel Safe


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