Potting On Green Tings

Potting On Green Tings

Potting On Green Tings in the castle yard with the boys on a sunny ish Sunday in the early days of spring this side of the coil.

Transplanting Cauliflowers, Courgettes, Kale and Sweetcorn. Casually as we like #growingwiththeflow in our own head space. Just Because…

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Beds Without Borders

Beds Without Borders

It’s Friday, 31st December 2021. Me and the boys are off walkabout, talking broken biscuits to ourselves, for the first time in ages.

Doing what we do, making our way down to the plot, for a quick look see. For no apparent reason, other than it floats me boat is all. Just Because…

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Daft O’clock In The Morning

Daft O'Clock In The Morning

Daft O’clock In The Morning creating chaos in the backyard with the boys.

Apple was juice flowin’ quite nicely as we do what we do, with no real plan of attack at all.

At the end of the day, me and the boys are ish emptying the backyard at daft o’clock in the morning.

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