Casually As We Like

Casually As We Like

Casually as we like, for whatever good reason that seemed like a plan from inside me head on 27th March 2022.

Me and the boys decided to do whatever ’tis we do on any given day #growingwiththeflow in the castle yard, with a cheap as chips walk in greenhouse, we’ve had hidden away for time.

Quality controls a vital part of everything we do. If truth be known, we both know that’s a given from you know who?

Quality Control A Given From Me Big Fella

Casually As We Like

Seems like me little fella is on a roll, chillin’ in the ish Salford sun.

Zedzzzzzzzzzz R US From Me Little Fella

Signs of life with our fruit trees in the castle yard. Patience and Time is all.

Plum Trees Showing Signs Of Life In The Castle Yard

Best of intentions is all, so not sure how long that will last.

Seems Like Me Big Fella Likes That Stone Slab

Not that it matters mate, but we both know it’s all goin’ Pete Tong.

Where Did You Put Those Destructions Mate?

Blink and we’re on a roll ish with our bodgit inc greenhouse for the now.

Nearly There, But Not Quite Yet

Probably won’t last a month before the northern winds do what they do.

Job Done, Move On. Pick Up The Pieces In A Week Or So

Random toms on the grow on the castle windowsill at the back end of March.

Tomatoes Growing On The Castle Windowsill (27th March 2022)

Tweaks in progress in the castle yard house ready for our tomatoes.

Recycled Free Buckets In The Castle Yard House

For no other reason than…

Yeah we both know how it grows by now.

Decided to break our recycled free shelves apart. So we can use the wood to support our tomatoes in the castle yard house.

Recycled Shelves Ready To Be Broken Up

Travel Safe

Principle sorted in me head? Clean up and we’re good to grow.

Free Tomato Supports Sorted In Our Zero Budget Recycled Buckets

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