Broken Biscuits II : Midnight Ramblin’ with Lou

Broken Biscuits II Midnight Ramblin with LouTesting, Testing, Testing, 1 4 0 8 …. Can You Hear Me Mother?

Just for the record, maybe we’ll both get our heads round the fact that the following podcast may not make much sense in your world!  Then again what do i know?  Should you happen to be one of the few on my wave length, you’ll have gathered by now yours truly is in the process of figuring out more than a few new ways of going with the flow and doin’ what we do!

Just Because It Sounds Like A Plan ….

So what’s what for the now, as Me and Lou continue our quest, discovering something new on our journey, casually up that there steep self learning curve with A Positive Can Do Approach?

Well, it’s sort of a deja vu time right now in my head, if you get what i mean?

What I mean to say is that if you’ve clocked an earlier post, Broken Biscuits Thought Shower Walk, just possibly you’ll sorta get where we’re going with this particular thought process via broken biscuits II midnight ramblin’ with Lou.

Last time I thought that bits & bobs of our equipment had died!  This time I know for a fact that they have.  The slight twist being is that we’re a year on as Me, Meself, Lou and I are out and about at daft o’clock in the morning, going with the flow, doing what we do, testing out a brand new gadget for yours truly, with the long term aim / objective of moving forward with whatever we want to do.

Whatever moving forward means, I’m not 100% sure right now!  Wherever we end up in the future, could quite possibly be down to lady luck and another toss of our proverbial coin.

That Can Do Approach sorta works for the now for us, so why break it?

Broken Biscuits II : Midnight Ramblin’ with Lou.

** For the now you’ll more than likely see two / three players on the pc / mac!  Testing in progress … Over the next few days hope to check which player, if any works on mobile devices?  **

Out & About with You Know Who?At the same time as testing out a new gadget, thought we’d have a look see at figuring out an alternative way of sharing the podcasts / mp3s / audio using a different audio player than on previous posts?

Main reasoning being is to hopefully figure out and confirm over time, if what we have tried works?

As and when we bump into someone with one of those new fangled mobile trackers / communication devices that has wi-fi t’internet access?

Questions pondered for the now …

Do we need an .ogg file for audio to work on mobile devices?

Will the new fallback work?

Are we over complicating our life?

More than a few questions in the pipeline of things to do for sure!  Most importantly, we keep moving forward, learning something new and enjoying what we do.

So how does one get an audio player to work on a variety of mobile devices, when you know that what you’ve already done by creating an audio flash player works on thy pc & mac?

Testing and more testing in progress over time …

Would you believe that Lou thinks that their proverbial penny just may have moved an inch or two in the last few minutes?  Many mobile devices are not flash enabled, so just maybe we need to add a fallback?  Possibly use google reader audio player, to enable the mp3 / .ogg to play on those mobile communication, tracker devices.

What Do I Know?

We checked out and with a slight tweak or two arrived at a possible solution below that?

<audio controls=”controls”><source src =”place thy mp3 url here”/> <source src =”place thy .ogg url here”/> <!– fallback –> Your Browser cannot play html5 </audio>

Then google player became our fallback that may just work across a variety of gizmo’s?

<audio controls=”controls”> <source src=”place thy mp3 url here” /> <source src=”place thy .ogg url here” /> <!– fallback –> <embed type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” flashvars=”audioUrl=yourURL.mp3″src=”” width=”300 height=”32 quality=”best”></embed>

OK, right now by testing, we’ve discovered that Firefox via Ubuntu didn’t like html5, or should i say that the code used brought up the fallback statement at the moment (“Your Browser cannot play html5”).  So I’m just about to create an .ogg file of the same audio to have a look see at what happens?

We both know that one solution does not fit all and as such we’re in the process in this particular post of testing & trying to figure out how to achieve our initial goal of getting the audio to play on a variety of gadgets.  To be honest, the fact that the code that was first used didn’t work was a massive bonus and will hopefully allow us to check out one or two changes throughout the evening?

Suppose the next question is ….

Can we / how do we create an .ogg file from a previously created mp3 audio?

OK here we go off on a tangent for the now!  Bizarrely enough should you require an .ogg copy of Cyphreinc Podcast 041 all you need to do, is drop on by get the relevant link and bob’s thy uncle!

But what if I want to do it for meself from scratch for Guerrilla Podcasts Audio?  That’s the main question for the now that we’re pondering. (Use Audacity)

Off course we may be over complicating things right now, but hopefully the end result, should allow whatever we create in the future to play on a variety of mobile devices and that my dear friend, would be a massive bonus for yours truly.  If we could achieve that in the next few hours / weeks that would make this ‘ere Broken Biscuits II Midnight Ramblin’ with Lou a massive success in our book!

No NoticeNo matter what you and yours may think of the content of the audio?

For the now that is not the most important thing, much more important is that me & Lou continue to ramble round Salford for time to come.

That would be job done and mission accomplished full stop :)

Now that we’ve got our head round what we’re trying to do, it’ll most likely take a few days / weeks, even months and then some until we got the bits & bobs of whatever code tested and sorted so that we’re happy to move forward and start again going with the flow.

For the now, the most important thing is, that we we’re testing out the audio recording device that we’d obtained and have a look, see & play at the results using what think we know works.

So as you can see this particular post is me testing, re testing and testing again whatever for myself, just because Broken Biscuits II : Midnight Ramblin’ with Lou.  Of course you already know how and what to do whatever and that’s fine with yours truly.

Just another journey up a steep self learning curve with A Can Do Approach to everything that we just may do in t’internet land.  Continuing to make those 101+ mistakes and keep pushing that there penny closer and closer to a new unknown goal!

So as we ask ourself one more question to figure out how best we can make another tiny step up that their slope, a plethora of what now questions follow.

  • I want to add text / info to the track playing, so how do i achieve that?
  • The first point of call could be
  • Then a t’internet random land
  • A YouTube search
  • Then there’s the tried and tested suck it and see approach that floats my boat?

You know how it goes?  Dive in with both feet, don’t worry ’bout the detractors and teach yourself something new by getting stuck in and making mistakes.  T’is just a blog post after all, so no harm done and you just might happen to get thy head round a new way of achieving whatever and move forward one more step.

Best thing is …. You did it for yourself.  Job Done & Congratulations :)

Welcome to our continuing journey up that their self learning curve.  Travel Safe.

You know how it Goes by now!  Because It’s There & Sounds Like A Plan …

More to follow me thinks over time, once I’ve got me head round whatever?

Be Yourself & Never Give Up Doin’ What You Do!

Sorted and Cheers for thy continued support wherever thy maybe.

Nice One for thy Time.

~ Inabit ~

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