Broken Biscuits Home Grown Therapy

Guerrilla Podcasts Broken Biscuits Home Grown Therapy
Guerrilla Podcasts Broken Biscuits Home Grown Therapy, was well and truly under way the other day as Mikey & Me went out & about round Silverdale in Salford.  Wandering wherever, as we try and get our heads round more than a few new tweaks we want to figure out for our current and future on-line projects?

Gettin’ out of the castle and into the woods to clear our heads and see what happens?

Mikey checking out the viewsMikey does one exploring

So as Mikey & Me went out and about on our very first broken biscuits thought shower walk together.

Home Grown Therapy was born.

Helping each other out the best way we can, hopefully get our heads round something new along the way?

Out and about round Silverdale on a wet ‘n’ windy day in Salford.  The both of us learning and discovering something new as we try and figure out for ourselves, what’s what with our thought shower wander into future known unknowns?

Runaway boy
A drink for our Mikey
Mikey on that steep hill

Guerrilla Podcasts Broken Biscuits Home Grown Therapy

Home Grown Therapy Out & About on the Moss in Salford

Contemplating new ideas, whilst at the same time updating our current skill set with the ultimate aim / objective of putting our newly acquired skills into good use on our web sites, self hosted projects or wherever else we can.

So whilst Mikey & Me #growwiththeflow together on our broken biscuits home grown therapy wonder.

Work in ProgressQuality Inspection Underway

For the now we’ll be using Deputy Dawg to test out bootstrap.

Whilst on Devildogs we’ll continue to learn more about using css and divs.

In time more than a few new tweaks will be needed to improve everything we do to be more responsive and mobile friendly.

No Stress & No Worries Full Stop for the now!  As we continue to learn by doing, rather than pontificating, procrastinating or moaning about things not already sorted.

We both know that we’re not in a competition with anyone at all and that we’ll continue to do what we do!  Learn by doing, making those 101+ mistakes along the way and somehow from out of nowhere, we’ll have updated our skill set without even thinking about it, as we slowly make our way up life’s never ending learning curve.

Patience, perseverance and persistence be tha key for tha now for this ‘ere control freak!

Figuring out new ways of doing future whatevers on-line in our heads:

For sure there be so much more to get our heads round sometime whenever?

Exploring in Progress

Black Sonic Revolver – Future

Travel Safe

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