Broken Biscuits Future Unknowns

Broken Biscuits Future Unknowns

Broken Biscuits Future Unknowns is well and truly on the grow with the boys. Sure sounds like a plan in my head does that. Never a stress and no worries whilst growing with the flow, Just Because …

Maybe we don’t articulate things, as proper as you like, in my head all’s tickety boo, as we do what we do #growingwiththeflow.

At the moment we’re figuring out a whole new skill set, whilst random rambling to ourself wandering round the castle, having a look see @ what’s growing or not.

Sunflowers & Radish in our backyard

Broken Biscuits Future Unknowns

Red Rose Growing
White Rose Growing
Home Grown War of The Roses

Cracking on casually as we like with our ish new kit & a brand new thought process. We’re sorta on a roll testing stuff out for the now, the best way we know how, whilst we can.

Bloke Tidying central in our bubble of self is always a given, followed everywhere we grow by the boys.

Keep Your Bum Warm Will That Mate

Multi tasking central is in full swing at the moment and that’s always an ongoing task in & of itself, a skill which we’ve obviously mastered, not.

Proper bloke tidying is ish sorted for the now and allows us to casually make one more step up our never ending DIY self learning curve of whatever.

Just don’t open that random, closed door.

Seeds Sown in the Backyard

We’re in the process of setting up our Growing With The Flow www space in our head & just maybe we’ll ramble on to ourselves with a new cast sometime whenever, for no other reason than just because it sounds like a plan in my head.

Our way of keeping a personal record of what we’re growing & failing at for ourselves sometime in the near future.

Black Krim Tomatoes

Still early this side of the coil to worry ’bout anything at all, spring won’t really be here in the NorthWest ’till the backend of April.

So we’ll just do what we do in and around the castle and let time pass by at the blink of a black eye.

Oregon Peas Growing in our Backyard Greenhouse

Backyard Growing Work in Progress

Travel Safe

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