Beds Without Borders

Beds Without Borders

It’s Friday, 31st December 2021. Me and the boys are off walkabout, talking broken biscuits to ourselves, for the first time in ages.

Doing what we do, making our way down to the plot, for a quick look see. For no apparent reason, other than it floats me boat is all. Just Because…

Real casual like, without a care in the world. Me and the boys make our way down to the plot. Randomly #growingwiththeflow for another year.

Walkabout With The Boys

Beds Without Borders

Now we both know we ain’t in a race or a competition with anyone at all.

Never a Stress With Me Little Falla

Daffs R Us. Seems like we’re on a roll for sometime in March 2022.

Daffs On The Grow Round Our Acer

Bodgit inc diy path, created using recycled whatever available at the time.

Bodgit Inc DIY Path Sorted

Broad beans (Witkiem) direct sown in the diy wigwams on our 4th bed in late October 2021. Seem to be coming along quite nicely.

Beans On The Grow In December 2021

Used red and white clover as green manure on 7 of our 9 beds without borders. Hoed the 9th bed is all for the now. (4th bed on our 1st plot)

9th Bed of Green Manure Hoed Over for the 1st Time

Hoed over the green manure in our tunnel beds, will repeat in time.

Polytunnel Beds Hoed Over for the 1st Time

3rd bed, covered with ash from untreated wood, hoed over and sorted.

3rd Bed With Ash Hoed Over for the 1st Time

Cherry and Plum trees down on the plot trimmed to ish 6ft or so.

Trees On The Plot Trimmed To Ish 6 Foot

Big box, little box. Hopefully the strawberries may just like their new home in the boys chill out space, later on in the year.

Recycled Bed For Strawberries Sorted On The Plot

Beds 1 – 5 (Our 2nd Plot), with the pear trees trimmed in late Autumn.

Pear Trees On The 2nd Plot Or Beds 1 To 5 Of Our Allotment

Tidied up our fruit section ready for a new year, fingers crossed.

Tweaked Our Fruit Section Casually Like Over Time

Recycled box filled with leaves for our future ungrowns?

Recycled Box & Recycled Leaves

Bright and breezy cold day down on the plot.

Trees Bending In The Wind

Patience & Time is all for the now. Move On

Memo To Self : Random Memory Bump Links

Chilly winter day view of the oak down on the allotment.

Oak On the Plot With Blues Skies In Winter

Travel Safe

Bay In A Pot Down On The Plot

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