Avital Raz Live In Salford

Avital Raz Live In Salford

Me little friend took me walkabout the other week and as luck would have it, we happened to have our handy recorder gadget in our pocket to catch Avital Raz live in Salford.

After wandering round Peel Park in the sun for time. For sure a few scoops we’re in order, just for good measure along Chapel Street.

Mikey eventually took me to the Lamp Oil (Eagle Inn), where we we’re lucky enough to record Avital Raz Live In Salford.

Avital Raz Live

Avital Raz Live In Salford

Avital Raz Live In Salford

  1. The Fallen Angels Unravelling Decent
  2. Oh, Isabel
  3. Blues Of The Ugly Sister
  4. The Edinburgh Surprise
    • Recorded live @ The Eagle Inn (Lamp Oil) Salford
      Saturday 13th August 2016
Avital Raz
Mikey meeting new friends
Avital Raz sings

Avital Raz live onstage at the Eagle Inn

Off walk about with me little friend round Chapel Street & beyond.

One for the road
A zed or two along the way
A few scoops more

Me little friend loves tha Choons

Chillin' with tha Choons

Avital Raz live on stage in Salford

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