Audio Testing DIY Varnishing

Audio Testing DIY Varnishing

Audio Testing DIY Varnishing is ongoing inside the castle, whilst we do whatever it is we do @ any given time, Just Because…

Random as we like, me & the boys are just testing stuff out in amongst the chaos we’ve created varnishing our bits & bobs for time.

Chaos Rocks

Audio Testing DIY Varnishing

The whole point of our testing, is that we make another 1001+ mistakes whilst we do what we do and actually share the audio. Using it as a memory bump for ourselves in time to come.

We both know you could do better and know more than us, that’s OK & tickety boo in my head

Varnishing in Progress

At the end of the day, no matter what.

We’re making random small steps along our ongoing diy learning curve & that floats my boat does that.

Shadow Mic

For the now, we’re all but sorted with our varnishing and it’s probably time to sort out the chaos we’ve created & clean up.

Almost sorted

Time for that age old family discussion on who’s turn is it this time.

It's your Turn

Sorted for the now, one last stretch and then it’s time to move on.

Just a stretch

Keep on doin whatever it is your doin & we’ll keep on listen as random things happen along the way, whatever that really means to you, whilst we do what we do #growingwiththeflow in our heads

We both know it will take a while sanding the floor with that

Travel Safe

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