Anthony Wilkinson chat in Eccles

Anthony Wilkinson chat in EcclesAnthony Wilkinson chat in Eccles on a Friday night at the back end of November.  It just so happened that i dropped into The Duke of York in Eccles, Salford for a scoop or two and a look, see & listen to what’s on with the Live Jam Nights.

What more can i say!

Just Because ….

One or two of you know that we’re sorta getting used to carrying our new voice recorder gadget, whilst out and about by now!  Wondering as always, if / who we may bump into along the way, that just may be willing to share whatever as we visit more and more venues along the way on our quest to chat to more than a few people that do what they do?

Off course you know for sure that there’s no set agenda and just maybe, more than a little luck is required along the way.  One never knows what the future holds?

As always, it’s time to get comfortable with the gadget in Eccles, Salford.  Stop doubting ourself and go with the flow and see what happens!

Adrian at Guerrilla Podcasts chat with Anthony Wilkinson in Eccles

Who knows what the future holds? At the end of the day : No Stress & No Worries.

One or two links from the Anthony Wilkinson chat in Eccles

The Duke of York : Live Jam Nights

Live Jam Nights at The Duke

Sorted and Cheers for thy continued support.

Nice One for thy Time : Travel Safe

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