Guerrilla Podcasts is a work in progress space and to be honest long may that thought process continue!

My name’s Adrian and Guerrilla Podcasts started because i wanted a space where i could try out new ideas for myself, not worry about the counters,  develop something new online and improve whatever else along the way.  Whilst at the same time make those 101 gaffs just because i can &  it sounds like a plan! At least until i have a new post sorted for Guerrilla Podcasts.

Desire,  Determination,  Personal Motivation &  Self Improvement are the driving goals for an eclectic online space to try out different ideas and maybe chat with one or two people along the way and possibly discover a new way of looking at whatever?  Nothing at all is set in stone.

Mikey and Me Onion Planting

Memo to Self: Add more info soon ….

Growing With The Flow

Growing our home grown food bank from our castle garden, backyard and plot

Discovering new unknowns with me little friend, Growing With The Flow on our dedicated space for our home grown fruit and veg growing experiences.

Should you happen to like thy music then why not check out Cyphreinc Podcasts ~ 13 Choons on the 13th of the Month…

Yep that’s yours truly you’ll hear on another podcast available free on the 13th of the month packed with sounds from around tha coil. Click Here for Cyphreinc Podcasts via iTunes.

Wherever Next ………. Maybe drop by www.devildogs.co.uk and check out the Lancashire & England Cricket links.

Whilst i’m sorting out the links and whatever else for DevildogsCyphreinc and Guerrilla Podcasts.

It most definitely sounded like a plan for me to try and keep some kind of record. “A personal reminder:  How to do What, When, Why and Where?”  So i’ve created a brand new space where eventually!  When i’ve got my head round what i’m trying to achieve?  You’ll be able to find out more info about why i used whatever, where and possibly even discover why i did what i did as and when over time via Black Eyed Admin!  www.blackeyedadmin.co.uk

“A personal record or log so to speak, so that yours truly could remind myself of how you do whatever, with examples of the code that was used, maybe even one or two links that helped to achieve whatever the desired end result was!”

@guerrillapods : adrian {at} guerrillapodcasts.com
Desire, Determination, Personal Motivation & Self Improvement