1001 Mistakes A Given

1001 Mistakes A Given

1001 Mistakes A Given for no other reason than Just Because …

It sorta seemed like a plan in my head to test a random thought process out and not actually worry ’bout the end results at all. Whilst we do what we do diy wise round the castle, ish tidying up a room in the castle, the best we can at any given time.

Thought we’d set to sugar soaping the scurtin’ boards, ready for painting sometime sooner than later. Whilst randomly talkin broken biscuits to ourselves, diy audio testing with different gear recording at the same time from different parts of the room.

Zoom Recording

1001 Mistakes A Given – Zoom mic

1001 mistakes a given from the outset in my head, with not a single stress about the quality of the end result. Enough Said …

Kindle Fire Recording

1001 Mistakes A Given – Kindle Fire

What was important in my head, was that at the end of the day, we share the audio that we get and actually listen to the results. Just to prove to ourselves that what we thought may happen, would happen, whatever in the world that actually means?

Yeti Recording

1001 Mistakes A Given – Yeti

Just for the record, for sure we don’t expect anyone to realy listen, that was so not the objective of the exercise. It’s our way of sharing, recording and keeping a personal track of our diy journey and that’s good enough for us.

1001 mistakes a given as the clarity & quality of our shared audio is only a problem in your head.

Enough Said

Job Done

Travel Safe


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